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Here are some ideas for ways to bring people together to mark the 10 year anniversary of our nation at war.

Book club – see some of the books you might read in the 10YAC Book & Movie List section.

Movie screening at your home – visit 10YAC Movie list for ideas.

House concert – invite musicians you know to perform at your home, followed by a conversation about the war.

Community Sing – invite family, friends, co-workers – and host a community sing! Print our lyric sheets and have a great time. Community sings are for everyone who loves music – not just professional singers!

Pajama Party for Peace – make a video for our YouTube Channel – Record an original song or poem, or do an animation. Send it to and 10YAC staff will upload it for you.

Organize a flash mob – Labor intensive, but high impact! Pick a location, select a dance or song to perform, and find lots and lots of friends to help you pull it off! For some great examples of a flash mob in action visit YouTube and search 'flash mobs'.

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image from Riley and His Story a project by Monica Haller